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Cruelty-free Tennis

 We Are Sheeps


Greetings Tennis Enthusiasts, Animal Lovers and Vegans

We are passionate tennis players and longtime committed vegans. When we realized that most tennis balls contain wool, and that many tennis shoes contain animal products, we became distressed. In response, we established Sheeps.

We at Sheeps embrace the joyful sport of tennis but we lament that sheep and other animals are routinely harmed in the production of tennis balls and shoes. We also believe the tennis industry is not responding adequately to climate change and that it is crucial that tennis products become environmentally responsible. Sheeps, therefore, is glad to offer a slate of cruelty-free, eco-friendly products — so we can revel, free of worry, in the sport we love!


The Case for Going Wool-Less

It is commonly perceived that providing wool for humans is the natural role for sheep, and that sheep that are sheared are well-treated. Sadly, indeed tragically, this is untrue. Actually, wild sheep shed of their own accord and, absent human intervention, they would never require a haircut. Farm sheep are bred and commodified to suit the purposes of the wool industry and their lives are too often marked by suffering and, nearly invariably, they are put to slaughter when they no longer produce marketable wool.


Opting for Kindness and Maintaining High Performance

Electing to avoid animal cruelty need not mean sacrificing quality. In fact, when we combine nature and human ingenuity and reject status-quo practices involving exploitation of animals, we can create wonderfully effective and appealing products. Indeed, all Sheeps products are conducive for optimal performance.


Building a Movement

Sheeps is an activist company with a mission: to remove animal cruelty from tennis; and a vision: of a society in which we choose compassion over financial profit. Going forward, our intention is to independently develop Sheeps products, first for tennis, then for other sports, and to contribute proactively to the animal rights and climate action movements. Please join us in this undertaking. If you are interested in becoming involved as an investor or strategic partner, or if you would like to share ideas, please contact us.



About the Founder

Danny Rosenthal, founder of Sheeps.

Danny Rosenthal, founder of Sheeps.

Danny Rosenthal is a passionate tennis player, an animal welfare supporter and a 26-year vegan.  In 2018, he discovered that most tennis balls contain wool and many tennis sneakers (even those without leather) contain animal products.  He became distressed that while deriving immense pleasure from the sport he was also contributing to the harm of animals. Thus was born Sheeps.  

In addition to guiding Sheeps, Danny is a longtime consultant to social services,  social justice, environmental justice and animal welfare organizations. He lives in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn with his wife Jean, an art therapist, and their three daughters, Leah, Naomi and Simone.