Wilson’s Environmentally Conscious Tennis Ball

Sheeps Comments On Wilson’s Environmentally Conscious Tennis Ball
A Statement from Danny Rosenthal, Founder & CEO of Sheeps

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Tennis Ball in Grass

We at Sheeps applaud Wilson for recently releasing the Triniti - a tennis ball designed to reduce harm to the natural environment.  

We agree with Wilson that conventional tennis balls cause waste and pollution and we believe it is incumbent upon the tennis industry to update tennis balls and other tennis products accordingly.

However, we lament that the Triniti and the large majority of tennis balls contain wool from sheep, thereby causing the systematic suffering and slaughter of vast numbers of these animals while also contributing to climate change as a result of the massive resources utilized in the sheep-shearing practice.

In early 2020, Sheeps will introduce a vegan tennis ball with covering composed entirely of synthetic felt and we will soon after develop a vegan and biodegradable tennis ball composed of and packaged by materials in harmony with the natural environment.  Also under development will shortly be a Sheeps vegan tennis shoe.

Founded in July 2019, Sheeps, residing at www.sheeps.tennis, has been met with enthusiasm by scores of vegan tennis players and many others across the US, in the UK, Germany, Canada and numerous other countries.  We look forward to bringing our products to the ever-growing population of vegan and eco-conscious tennis players.

We call upon Wilson and all tennis gear companies to join us in transforming the tennis industry into one that treats animals and the natural environment with utmost kindness — and permits tennis players to revel in our beloved sport free of guilt and worry.

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