Wool in Tennis Balls


You may be surprised to learn that the furry yellow ball tennis ball you’ve been playing with your whole life most likely contains wool. Wool comes from sheep, and is an animal byproduct. Not only are we against using animals for human gain, but we also stand behind companies and products that are working to remove animals from their supply chains. This is why we only list tennis balls that we believe are wool-free.

Harvesting wool from sheep is a cruel practice that results in many sheep becoming injured. Sheering sheep can lead to bruises, broken bones, and cuts from the shears. In addition to the trauma of sheering, sheep also have to endure a standardized practice called mulesing in which strips of a sheeps rear are cut off, often without anesthesia, along with its tail.

Stand with us in supporting animals and an end to animal cruelty by not purchasing products that use wool.

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