How We verify that that products are vegan




We Locate Vegan Products

We started Sheeps because we were frustrated that we could not find tennis products clearly lacking materials derived from animals. Following much research, however, we were relieved to identify products that are indeed vegan, though accidentally so in some cases.

Our Process

To be featured on Sheeps, we must be convinced that a product is entirely free of animal materials and byproducts. To determine whether this is the case, we reach out to the sponsoring company to inquire as much, usually via a text-based chat message or email. If this interface does not prove sufficient, we attempt to make contact with the manufacturer.

Committed to Thoroughness

We go to great lengths to be as certain as feasible that a item does not contain animal products or byproducts. If we have doubt, we do not feature the product.

Process as Activism

We believe that initiating a conversation with people in influential positions has a crucial secondary effect: conveying that consumers are increasingly insisting upon vegan products.

A Broader Justice Agenda

Our primary intention is to remove animals from supply chains. We also recognize that animal welfare is intertwined with environmentalism and we also strive to offer products that share our deep concern about climate change. Further, we believe in the great importance of ethical production practices and we do not feature products that are known or suspected to come from sources associated with human rights abuses.

We Are Fallible — And Open For Discussion

If you think we have made an error, or that we have excluded a product that belongs on Sheeps, or if you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.